Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Missing a missile?

This is a little odd:

First off, if this hadn't been captured on film by a reputable news organization, do you think the military would even admit it happened? Five thousand people could have said they saw it, there could be dozens of fuzzy videos from iPhones, and the military would be saying it's a cloud or a flock of birds or whatever.

I love this:

In a statement released Tuesday, Northern Command said they were continuing to investigate the origin of the apparent missile launch, but said they had determined "that there is no threat to our nation..."

We don't know what it is or who did it, but it's not a threat! Convincing.

Some experts say they think it's a contrail from a jet -- really? -- while others say it couldn't be a jet. Who knows.

It did remind me of this:

Investigators in Texas say a flying object that narrowly missed a Continental Express plane last month may have been a large model rocket.

The jet's pilot and co-pilot spotted the object and a long white vapor trail shortly after they took off from Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport on May 29. The plane was bound for Greenville, South Carolina.

Here's where the latest mystery missile event happened:

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Near Catalina Island, about 35 miles west of the coast, fairly close to Los Angeles. This isn't some remote area in the desert, so I can't really imagine the military is testing secret weapons Monday at 5 p.m. near Los Angeles.

In other news...

Happened Monday, off the coast of Baja California? That's not... it couldn't...

Nah, it happened about 12 hours before the mysterious missile launch. Ah, man! Way to kill a good conspiracy theory.

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