Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wendy had it coming!

After watching this, I have re-evaluated The Shining.

I believe all these intros were from one of her Showtime series on fairy tales and legends (she did five of them apparently).

By the end of this, I was really rooting for Jack.

Monday, January 24, 2011

An Open Letter to Sam Shields

Dear Sam Shields,

As a Green Bay Packer fan, I am flying high right now. You deserve big ups for your play last night -- two INTs, including the game-clincher, plus a sack and a forced fumble.

But Sam, Sam, Sam -- when you intercept the ball with a 7-point lead and less than a minute remaining, why are you running? You've won the game! You're even covering the spread! Just take a knee before you fumble the ball.

Your buddy Tramon Williams did the same thing when he picked off Michael Vick in the first round. Catch the ball and sit down!

Running with the ball after the interception was silly, but that wasn't even your most egregious mistake of the night. That would have to be your rude interruption of B.J. Raji's sexy bear dance.

Rookie, you do not jump on B.J. Raji when he is doing his thing! Who knows what awesomeness would have ensued had he been allowed to continue for another few minutes.

Now B.J. will just have to run back another pick-6 in the Super Bowl so we can see the epic conclusion. And this time I hope you keep your distance.



Monday, January 17, 2011

'Lights Out' looks like a really good show

I could have gone with, like, 'Lights Out' is a knockout or 'Lights Out' is hard-hitting fun or, uh Leave the 'Lights Out' on or whatever, but I'm just going to tell it to you straight: This looks like it's going to be a really good show. Assuming it doesn't get canceled, Terriers-style.

I don't want to give too much away, but from the commercials, everybody knows that Lights Out is a boxing show about a Great White Hope. Right? Rocky on TV? Not exactly. The main character is a boxer, but he's retired and quickly running out of money, and his options for making more are getting bleaker and bleaker. The boxer, Patrick "Lights" Leary, is played by Holt McCallany, who I never heard of before. I think he looks like a puffier version of Jimmy Smits, somehow?

Holt McCallany in Lights Out... come on, don't you see a little Smits there?

No? Whatever. Anyway, you might remember Holt from a bunch of guest appearances on various cop procedurals or maybe as the guy who wanted to build a house before he died in Fight Club (6 minutes, 57 seconds).

Playing his wife is Catherine McCormack, who has to decide if she's going to hide her English accent or not. Catherine played William Wallace's wife Murron in Braveheart.

And it also has Stacy Keach, who has been in about a million things. He was in American History X with Edward Norton, who of course also was in Fight Club; do you think Stacy and Holt sit around and tell Edward Norton stories?

I loved the first episode of "Lights Out", which did a great job slowly unfolding the story through flashbacks. I also really like Holt; he has a great way of conveying menace by just standing there. I just hope the show gets a fair chance; apparently the pilot episode drew a Terrier-sized audience. Not a good sign.

While it's on, Lights Out is on Tuesdays at 10 on FX.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Walking Dead marathon!

For those who missed Walking Dead, AMC is doing a two-night marathon of the entire series, starting Tuesday night at 8. If you're not sure if the series is for you, or even if you're pretty sure the series is definitely not for you, at least watch the first episode. It's great.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bugsy Malone is... trendy?

I woke up this morning to discover that Bugsy Malone is trending on Twitter, 35 years after it was released! (Apparently it was on TV in England last night.)

It's probably a good thing that Bugsy Malone is never on TV in this country, because I'd wind up sucked into it every time. Scott Baio, Jodie Foster and guns that shoot cream pies? What's not to like!

For those really feeling nostalgic, you can find out what happened to everybody after they made "the world's most famous kids gangster movie".

If you just can't get enough, here's Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and (sheesh) Part 5. That last one has the sad end of Dandy Dan (Martin Lev), who was one of my favorites.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Spread Your Song

It's a little unusual to have two commercials running at the same time using the same relatively obscure song, isn't it?

It's nice to see Ellis from Diehard is finally getting some work again. You'd think a bullet through the head would end your acting career, but here he is, back in action. Way to go Ellis!

"Hans... bubbe! I'm your white knight."

This is one of those commercials where, if you're not paying attention, you have no idea what the fuck they're trying to sell you. And hearing that distinct song, you probably think, "wow, those Ketel One people drank a lot of vodka before making their next commercial." For the record, it's a commercial for the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel. I'd have to say the weirdest moment for me is when the woman is lying in bed making sexy eyes while holding up the baby chicks. Is this like... bestiality kiddie porn? Not cool. The deer also looks a little worried. I guess what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

OK, so what exactly is that song, anyway?

It's "Spread Your Love" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Gotta love that garage rock sound. Not only is that song in two commercials, but they've had other songs used in movies and TV shows, including "Shuffle Your Feet" in the first episode (and a trailer) for the very underrated Generation Kill.

I'm sure there are lots of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club fans who are pissed that they "sold out" to Ketel One and Cosmopolitan, but how many more people heard them for the first time through these commercials? They were formed in 1998, so it took them 12 years to become an "overnight success." So hoist a glass of Ketel One and kiss your baby chick: Here's to you, BRMC!