Saturday, November 13, 2010

Walking Dead Kill Counter: Episode 2

I'm only counting on-screen kills, and only when zombies kill humans or humans kill zombies.

Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen this episode yet!

Episode 2: "Guts"

Lots of dead zombies in this one. Do you think Rick killed the zombie on the tank with the shovel? (I know, I know -- it's an entrenching tool.) I'm going to say yes -- the zombie drops away either dead or stunned, and I dunno if you can stun a zombie.

Then he's out of the tank and running -- how many does he kill? He tells Glenn he has a Beretta with 15 rounds, and he runs out of ammo just before climbing the ladder, so we know he fires 15 shots. How does he use them?

After he gets up from the pavement, his first two shots are definite kills (zombie by the car, zombie in a long skirt). Then there's maybe a gunshot or maybe an echo, but nothing hits the ground; I think that's an echo. He definitely nails four on the sidewalk, but then there's two or three shots where we don't see if he hits anything. Then he shoots one just before running into Glenn.

While running for the fire escape ladder, he turns and fires twice; the first one definitely is a kill, the second one it's hard to see what's going on. Considering he fired into a mob of zombies, I think we can credit him with two more kills. Then he fires one last time (we don't see where the bullet goes) and the gun is empty.

So, I'm going with 10 kills at this point (including the one on the tank). If Rick never misses you can give him 16 kills, but that seems overly generous.

Morales and T-Dog each bash in a skull in the alley.

Merle fires seven shots from the roof, but we only see one kill. I'm sure Merle is a good shot, but I want to see bodies. Want to give him four?

During the run to the construction site, it looks like Rick kills seven with his ax, and Glenn kills two. By the way, what's up with Rick not taking along the ax? He goes through the trouble of throwing it over the fence, then just leaves it there. Seems to me an ax would come in awfully handy when you start running low on bullets. I hope they remembered to bring along Merle's rifle.

Rick then fires nine shots from what is either his police revolver (love those nine-shot revolvers) or the soldier's Beretta (which he said he only had one clip for, and had already emptied). Well, either way, he definitely kills three; probably nine, given they're all bunched up there against the fence. Let's say he got six. That'd be 23 for Rick this week.

I was hoping for some zombies getting run over Death Race 2000 style, but I didn't count any.

Another bad showing by the zombies as for the second straight week they come up empty. Last week they got a horse; this week it's a rat.

This episode:
Humans Killed: 0

Zombies Killed: 31

Season Total
Humans Killed: 0

Zombies Killed: 44

Season Leaderboard: Rick 33, Merle 4, Morgan 3, Glenn 2, Morales 1, T-Dog 1

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