Sunday, January 2, 2011

Spread Your Song

It's a little unusual to have two commercials running at the same time using the same relatively obscure song, isn't it?

It's nice to see Ellis from Diehard is finally getting some work again. You'd think a bullet through the head would end your acting career, but here he is, back in action. Way to go Ellis!

"Hans... bubbe! I'm your white knight."

This is one of those commercials where, if you're not paying attention, you have no idea what the fuck they're trying to sell you. And hearing that distinct song, you probably think, "wow, those Ketel One people drank a lot of vodka before making their next commercial." For the record, it's a commercial for the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel. I'd have to say the weirdest moment for me is when the woman is lying in bed making sexy eyes while holding up the baby chicks. Is this like... bestiality kiddie porn? Not cool. The deer also looks a little worried. I guess what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

OK, so what exactly is that song, anyway?

It's "Spread Your Love" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Gotta love that garage rock sound. Not only is that song in two commercials, but they've had other songs used in movies and TV shows, including "Shuffle Your Feet" in the first episode (and a trailer) for the very underrated Generation Kill.

I'm sure there are lots of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club fans who are pissed that they "sold out" to Ketel One and Cosmopolitan, but how many more people heard them for the first time through these commercials? They were formed in 1998, so it took them 12 years to become an "overnight success." So hoist a glass of Ketel One and kiss your baby chick: Here's to you, BRMC!

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