Monday, January 24, 2011

An Open Letter to Sam Shields

Dear Sam Shields,

As a Green Bay Packer fan, I am flying high right now. You deserve big ups for your play last night -- two INTs, including the game-clincher, plus a sack and a forced fumble.

But Sam, Sam, Sam -- when you intercept the ball with a 7-point lead and less than a minute remaining, why are you running? You've won the game! You're even covering the spread! Just take a knee before you fumble the ball.

Your buddy Tramon Williams did the same thing when he picked off Michael Vick in the first round. Catch the ball and sit down!

Running with the ball after the interception was silly, but that wasn't even your most egregious mistake of the night. That would have to be your rude interruption of B.J. Raji's sexy bear dance.

Rookie, you do not jump on B.J. Raji when he is doing his thing! Who knows what awesomeness would have ensued had he been allowed to continue for another few minutes.

Now B.J. will just have to run back another pick-6 in the Super Bowl so we can see the epic conclusion. And this time I hope you keep your distance.



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