Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Yankees Get A Molina

Not Bengie (who is a free agent), not Jose (still with Toronto), not Yadier (still with the Cardinals)... but Gustavo!


Gustavo Molina is a 28-year-old right-handed hitting catcher from Venezuela. Alas, he's not related to the Molina brothers. (In fact, they're from Puerto Rico.) Sportswriter and Mets fan Howard Megdal sponsors Gustavo's page on Baseball Reference with an amusing note:

WARNING: This is not an authentic Catching Molina Brother.

Gustavo MolinaGustavo has had a bit of a Crash Davis type career, getting call-ups for a week or two at a time when the big-league catcher goes down. He was signed by the White Sox in 2000, but has just 41 at-bats in the majors (5 hits, 1 double) for four different organizations, including the Mets in '08 and the Red Sox last year. The Crash Davis comparisons stop when you look at his minor league numbers... he's hit .235/.295/.348 in 2574 ABs over 11 seasons. He appears to be a pretty good glove guy (wouldn't he have to be?), with a .988 career fielding percentage and a 39% CS%.

The Yankees signed him to a minor league contract and invited him to spring training. With Jorge Posada, Russell Martin and Francisco Cervelli on the big-league roster, and presumably Jesus Montero waiting in Triple-A, I can't see him being anything more than an extra guy to handle pitchers in March.

Still... it's always nice to have a Molina.

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