Friday, December 3, 2010

Walking Dead Kill Counter: Episode 5

I'm only counting on-screen kills, and only when zombies kill humans or humans kill zombies.

Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen this episode yet!

Episode 5: "Wildfire"

Episode 5: 'Wildfire'

A strong episode, heavy on the character development and light on the killing. (Lots of dead bodies, but only two kills.)

A couple observations:

  • This is, what, the third time that Rick has happened upon a military checkpoint/last stand, but no one's gone looking for an M16? Inside the tank, Rick came up with a pistol and a grenade (you didn't forget about the grenade, did you?), but that was out of pure desperation. Surely there's some usable weapons and ammo among all those dead soldiers.

  • Really liked the early scene between Jim and Jacqui, where he can't even finish saying "don't tell anyone" before she's yelling "he got bit!" to the group.

  • Thought the show really had a chance to go off the rails with the Amy reanimation -- if Andrea had been surprised to see her sister open her eyes and start yelling "she's alive!" -- but it turned out to be a strong scene.

  • I guess Daryl isn't too interested in finding Merle anymore?

  • The introduction of the Centers for Disease Control is an interesting idea and definitely shows this isn't just an adaptation of the comic book. But wouldn't it have been better if they hadn't had that segment introducing Dr. Jenner (aka Truman's best friend), building up the tension as to whether it was still occupied or not, before the door opened?

Line of the night:

Rick: We don't kill the living!

Daryl: That's funny, coming from a man who just put a gun to my head.

Just two kills -- Andrea has the first of what should be many kills as she takes out her zombiefied sister, and Daryl kills a zombie outside the CDC. All of Daryl's head-splitting pick-ax swinging is cool, but those zombies appear to be dead. As for Jim, he's still alive when they drive away, so I don't count him as a human death.

This episode:
Humans Killed: 4

Zombies Killed: 36

Season Total
Humans Killed: 4

Zombies Killed: 82

Season Leaderboard: Rick 39, Daryl 9, Morales 7, Glenn 6, Merle 6, Shane 5, Morgan 3, T-Dog 3, Jim 2, Dale 2, Andrea 1

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