Saturday, June 4, 2011

If you were gay...

Tough times for John Edwards. The former golden boy has been indicted on felony charges alleging he used $925,000 donated by campaign supporters to hush up his mistress/baby mama. Experts -- even some conservative Republicans -- say it will be a tough case to prove.

But I keep thinking about how Ann Coulter implied Edwards was gay back in 2007.

Way to prove her wrong, Johnny! Knocking up your mistress is a pretty good indication you aren't gay. Unless...

Maybe this is all just an elaborate cover-up! Wow. Way to go all out, Edwards!

All things considered, I think he'd have been better off going the Jim McGreevey route. Even in middle America, I'm pretty sure being a Gay American is better than being a douchebag who cheated on his dying wife.

What do you think, Newt?

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