Sunday, October 16, 2011

Every zombie kill on The Walking Dead

I don't like Miser's cover of "Zombie"... I don't like the first 80 seconds of Rick walking out of the hospital... and I know they missed more than a few.

But still, this will get you in the mood for tonight's Season 2 premiere!

Every Zombie Kill in "The Walking Dead" from Flavorpill on Vimeo.

UPDATE: Ut-oh... looks like they took the video down! Bastards.

This isn't every kill, but it's a giant-sized recap.

Also: Check out Nerve's Five Things The Walking Dead Needs To Do In Season Two.

I agree with most of their points, although I don't think they "forgot" about Merle as much as they're saving him to turn into a Big Bad -- one who will be familiar to those of us who read the comics. Still, I have to agree with the big points: Keep it moving, keep it creepy (not just gory), and sometimes, you have to have some humor. Daryl and Glenn shared some great lines in Season One... keep it up!

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